An Anglers Guide To Weymouth & Portland & The Surrounding Area

Regulars here will remember the review of the FREE angling guide to this area. If you haven't seen it, click here and get your hands on this excellent booklet.

The video version covers Coarse, Carp, Game, Shore and boat fishing and is designed to tempt you to this wonderful area of the UK. You can see various fish captures and, if you're stuck at home like I am right now, they'll make you want to dust off your tackle and get out to wet a line somewhere!

Narration is by Liam Dale and the video offers a deeper insight into specific venues than, perhaps, the brochure does. It may help to convince those who weren't sure to make a trip to Dorset!

An Anglers Guide To Weymouth & Portland & The Surrounding AreaYou've got to remember when viewing this 55 minute video that it is designed as an advertisement. Therefore, it will only really appeal to those considering a bit of travelling for their sport. Having said that, it is well made and really does show that angling in the UK can be just as good as that abroad and that it's all withing reach of the 'man on the street'. All he needs to do is reach out and grab it. In this case, that involves loading up the car and, for most of us, driving it south. Why not give it a go?

The ideo is available from Weymouth Tourist Information Centre, Kings Statue, The Esplanade, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 7AN. Tel: 01305 785747. It costs £7.95 plus £1.00 P&P and cheques should be made payable to Weymouth & Portland Borough Council.

Elton Murphy