A fantastic session for Solar Tackles Jake Anderson

Solar Tackle Team member Jake Anderson has landed three near 40lb UK carp in one weekend from a Mid Kent Fisheries water, landing both of his target fish, and all while out testing some new bait samples for the first time.

 Jake explains: “I arrived at the lake after work on Thursday afternoon for a 48-hour session. After choosing to fish a new swim, not the one I had been baited for the weekend, I baited with around 3Ž4 kilo of boilies over the two rods, the first time I’d been out with some new Quench bait samples that we’re working on at Solar Tackle. One rod was baited with a, Aniseed & Bunspice pop up and the other a matching bottom bait tipped half a Quench Corker.

“By Friday evening the rods had remained motionless, but I sat on my hands avoiding a recast. 4am on Saturday morning soon came and I was up drinking a cuppa and listening for any signs of carp out in the darkness, desperate to get on the fish if they gave themselves up. Just 30 minutes later my right-hand E.C.U alarm let out a series of bleeps followed by the rod hooping over. I lifted into what was obviously a heavy fish, it held deep and put up a good fight for around 15 minutes before finally hitting the net.

“I knew it was a good fish, but when I gazed into the mesh I saw the Upfront Fully sulking in the folds of the net. I couldn’t believe it, one of my main target fish for the year was mine. After help from Stuart Gray on the weighing the needle settled on 39lb 7oz! What a result. With the photos done I cut my session short and packed up straight away, so that after being away for 24hrs I could return earlier the next session and follow up on this result. The venue has a strict 48-hour rule.

“Returning Sunday at around 11am I had a good look around and after an hour I pushed the barrow back to the swim where I had luck the previous trip. Twenty minutes after standing in the swim a fish crashed just half a rod length out in the margin to my right over some deep silt. I walked up the bank and under-arm flicked a bait into the rings left on the surface followed by 6 or 7 freebies, again using the Quench samples.

“Line sunk and alarm on, I readied the other rod and cast it back into position on the same spot that I landed the Upfront Fully from. Less than half hour after the margin rod was placed the alarm screamed and I leant into a hard-fighting carp. The fight was hectic and lasted a good 20 minutes before a fish I recognised broke the surface. It was one called ‘The One Pelvic Common’. The fish weighed in at 36lb 8oz and I couldn’t believe my luck. The rod was put back on the spot and I sat back waiting. 

“Five hours past and my right-had rod was away this time. A more dogged fight ensued and my heart was in my mouth as I saw another fully scaled twisting just under the surface. I started to shake as I knew what this one could be. I managed to net the fish and there lay The Big fully, my main target for 2017. A truly beautiful carp a little down in weight at 39lb 4oz, not that it mattered, I was ecstatic.”