Amoy Noodles Like Fresh

Quite often, a company has a new product and contacts Anglers' Net to see if we'd like to review it. Not quite the case with Amoy "Noodles Like Fresh". There I was, merrily annoying the wife every inch of the way around Tescos, when my attention was caught by a new 'instant food' sitting next to the usual Pot Noodles, pastas and the like. I have no idea how new to the market they are, but my curiosity was such that I bought a couple of packs...and I'm that glad I did.

Whilst I have every respect for session anglers who can sit there and rustle up a gourmet meal using a two-burner stove and mess tins, it's just not me. I can't even do that in the comfort of my own kitchen!

Amoy Noodles Like FreshAmoy "Noodles Like Fresh" are just what the title suggest. You open the polystyrene tub, remove the contents and then do the following:

  • Add the vacuum packed soft noodles.
  • Add the sachet of dried vegetables.
  • Add boiling water and leave, with the lid on, for two minutes.
  • Drain the water by turning the tub upside down and letting the water run through the tabs in the lid.
  • Add the sachet of sauce and, using the fork provided, enjoy!

It's as simple as that and, at just £1.29 per 194g pack, they get the thumbs up from me. Less time messing around cooking and more time fishing.

Two flavours are available - Classic Cantonese and Spicy Szechuan. Look out for them next time you're doing the weekly shop.

Elton Murphy

April 2001