The Keymaster From Aquapac

It's well known in my circle of friends that somebody will fall in when we fish together. I seem to be a bankside Jonah. The icing on the cake for many came last year when I fell in a ditch myself, right up to my chest. That wasn't the funniest bit for some, the fact that I had my electronic car key and mobile phone in my pocket made their day!

Aquapac are a company who supply waterproof cases for a variety of everyday accessories, the sort that you might not miss until they go 'splash'. They sent me the 'Keymaster' to test, so I took it along on a recent trip and showed it to some other anglers, where it met with general approval.

The Keymaster, as with Aquapac's other products, is not only waterproof, but is airtight too. This means that, if being used for the correct item, it will float. I've tested their claim with a bunch of keys in the bathroom sink, and it's true. I'm just hoping that I don't have to test it in a real-life situation!

The Keymaster From AquapacThe Aquapac range appears to be targeted predominantly at the more 'active' watersports enthusiasts, but there are a number of items within their range that will be of great benefit to anglers. For example, their sales literature explains that the mobile phone case allows you to talk and hear the phone as normal and the cases designed for cameras allow sharp photos to be taken, even underwater. I haven't tested these claims, but Aquapac most certainly have, as their product shots show.

If Aquapac intend to target the angling fraternity, the only suggestion that I would make is to offer a slightly 'mellower' colour than the orange case that I reviewed. Whilst the benefits of high visibility cases is obvious, many anglers prefer to blend in with the background whenever possible. I can already envisage green Aquapac mobile phone cases dangling from bivvies around the country!

Having said that, I will definitely be taking the Keymaster with me whenever I fish. Keys tend to stay in my pocket or in my luggage, so the colour is irrelevant.

At just £10, the Keymaster could prove a worthwhile precautionary investment and is available mail order directly from Aquapac. Alternatively, I could bore you with the details of the long wait that I had waiting for the breakdown truck the day I fell in!

Aquapac's website can be seen at

Elton Murphy