The MP60 Mobile Phone Case From Aquapac

Love 'em, or loathe 'em, mobile phones are deeply embedded in modern society and are now considered an everyday item, rather than a luxury.

I'm as guilty as the next man when it comes to owning a mobile phone. I lead a fairly mobile life and I like to be able to speak to people as and when the need arises, not later on at night when I just 'happen' to be near a phone.

Let's not forget, also, the safety and security aspects of a mobile phone - if you've ever been in a situation where a mobile phone has helped save you from a nasty predicament, then you'll know what I mean. I've been there, done that and got the warm blanket! I fell in, phone in pocket, and nearly froze when I got out. My phone was destroyed, my electronic car key was cunningly immobilised and I was in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, I had a friend with me who didn't fall in - we used his phone.

The MP60 Mobile Phone CaseIf you've read the review of The Keymaster on this site, you'll see how I was impressed by such a simple piece of kit. So impressed, in fact, that I had to get the phone case, too.

Now, this phone case hasn't just arrived and been 'reviewed' in the course of a day. No, I've been using this waterproof case for months now and have really put it through its paces, from leaving it hanging from my bivvy all day and night, to throwing it in the lake (that comes with confidence!). Suffice to say, my phone still works and I have every faith in this product. Basically, if you're going to be near water and want 100% peace of mind, you need Aquapac with you! At just £14.99, it won't break the bank, either.

The incredible thing about Aquapac mobile phone cases is that you don't take the phone out of them to use them. You just talk through them, with no loss in sound quality. It's seems untrue to see it in writing, but that's how it is!

The mobile phone, safe in its Aquapac case, regularly hangs from my bivvyThe mobile phone, safe in its Aquapac case, regularly hangs from my bivvy

Aquapac do a range of products, many of which will benefit the anglers. I haven't tried their other products, but if they are as good as the phone cases and The Keymaster, then they do exactly what they say they'll do. Please visit the Aquapac website and see for yourself what they have to offer.

One small request, though - set your phone to ring quietly and remember that it has a microphone in it and you don't need to shout. It saves any bankside quarrelling!

Elton Murphy

Aquapac's website can be seen at

Elton Murphy

July 2000