Attracta Lead Free Sinkers

When using lures, we often select by colour.

Carp anglers often favour brightly coloured boilies.

Indeed, general coarse anglers have been using brightly coloured maggots for years.

So, why is it then that we insist that all the rest of our tackle is as camouflaged as possible?

I'm not going to answer that question, but will, instead, introduce you to an Australian company that has been defying this concept for some time now. Not only do their weights (sinkers) not blend in with the environment, but they are outlandish colours, too!

Attracta SinkersIt is somewhat obvious by their name, Attractasinkers, what the Ozzies believe can be achieved with these sinkers. In fact, they have many testaments from professional guides stating that they have definitely improved their catch rates.

To field test the product fully would take some time, fishing these weights side-by-side ‘standard' weights, so for now I'll stick to description.

These are lead free drilled ball weights, available in a number of different sizes and flourescent colours. Each pack of weights comes with a handy dispenser tube, ensuring that your weights stay together and are instantly recognisable.

So, will you be one of those brave enough to take the plunge and try them? If you've read this far you may as well, at least, take a look at the Attractasinkers website and see what great offers they have today.

Go on, I dare you! But, please, let Anglers' Net know how you got on!

Tight Lines,