Avanti 12.5m Play Control Pole

I know they get a lot of stick, but I love fishing commercial fisheries. I like being able to park near my peg, I enjoy having a breakfast before I fish and, most of all, I love getting plenty of bites! I can safely say that without these managed fisheries, I’d have given up the sport.

Of course to be successful on these kinds of venues, you really need a pole. And a strong one at that. In my local water the carp have got bigger and bigger each year and now there are some real biggies – fish approaching 15lb – that turn up most weeks. And to stop them you need a powerful piece of kit.

The Avanti 12.5m Play Control is just that kind of pole. Designed exactly for these kinds of big fish, it’s been a joy to use and has definitely added another dimension to my fishing. Coming with six top kits, it gives you loads of options and the fitted Hollo elastic gives you real confidence when it comes to playing those double-figure lumps.

Avanti 12.5m Play Control Pole

But what I really like about this pole is the pulla system that you’ll find on each top kit. This adds control when playing fish and enables you to exert extra pressure just when you need it.

The extras don’t end there either. There’s a separate cupping kit with large and small cups, plus you get 10 ready-made rigs as well.

Each section in the 12.5m Play Control is reinforced for added security and the whole thing packs into a reinforced carry case.

I can thoroughly recommend this pole and tell you that for £199.99 it’s exceptional value for money.

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