Avanti Four Leg Pole Roller

This is my first season of pole fishing, having eventually put down my waggler so I could learn more about this tactic.

I bought myself an 11 metre starter pole for about sixty quid and now I’m amassing the extras that make the style simpler… and that includes a pole roller.

Before this purchase I was regularly in a mess when shipping back to change my bait, or when breaking down whilst playing a fish.

I tried using my holdall as a makeshift roller but it wasn’t high enough, and I even attempted rigging up a contraption by creating an ‘X’ shape with two banksticks. All of it was proved a pointless attempt and thankfully life is so much easier now I have the right kit for the job. And it only cost £10!

Avanti Four Leg Pole Roller

The roller is a four leg construction with an adjustable tri-leg spike design, meaning on soft ground you can really jam the foot into the grass and make it rock-solid.

The two side rollers and cross bar roller are made from a durable foam with a rubberised outer and they look to be long-lasting.

As time progresses, and I buy a more expensive pole, I may re-invest in something larger, but at the moment I’m happy with my pole kit and I’m getting better every session. Thanks Avanti!

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