Avanti Knee Active Pole Support

I bought one of these after a visit to the Spalding shop and it has really helped my pole fishing as it has given me freedom to feed and strike at the same time.

They say the Knee Active fits any seatbox and it certainly appears to as virtually everything is extendable and moveable. I use a second hand Brilo box and it goes on that ok. The leg fittings have removable inners to ensure a tight fit.

The whole point of the Knee Active is to rest your pole in front of you and thanks to a padded rest that cushions against your knee/thigh, you simply lift your leg when the float goes under.

Avanti Knee Active

The construction then pivots and your elastic shoots out – at least that’s how it works for me so far. It’s particularly handy when fishing shallow and you want to constantly feed or light a fag – your hands are totally free and you can strike in a split second.

I wouldn’t use it at extreme lengths so if you’ve got a 16m pole and want it for that I’m not sure, saying that I’ve never held 16m in my life, but for normal anglers it works brilliantly. Another great gadget from Avanti.

CLICK HERE to buy the Avanti Knee Active

To see it in working use I watched this video – it might help you make a decision:

CLICK HERE to buy the Avanti Knee Active