Avanti RDX2000 12ft Waggler rod

This rod is part of the new Avanti RDX2000 range and if the rest are as good as this one, then any angler who buys one will be absolutely delighted.

If I’m honest, I bought the 12ft waggler version as a bit of a back up. At £29.99, and having bought numerous Avanti items before, I knew it would serve a purpose if my more expensive first choice broke. But having used it a few times since it arrived, I’m close to saying it’s my preferred option!

Avanti RDX2000 12ft Waggler rod

Much of my fishing is based around commercials, although I still love waggler fishing my local river. So any rod that’s too pokey is no good. That’s why I like this one. It does have plenty of power, but the tip isn’t too stiff and enables you to use lighter lines and hooklengths when targeting silvers.

So far I’ve had carp to 8lb plus and bags of roach and perch – and on each occasion I’ve been extremely impressed with the performance of a rod that comes in at under £30.

Cosmetically it’s very tastefully finished with part cork/part EVA handle, screw reel fittings, lined guides throughout and it’s even got a hook keeper.

You can, of course, spend a small fortune on fishing tackle nowadays but let me tell you this – the gap between the most expensive and the cheapest is getting smaller and smaller. I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I’d spend £100-plus on a waggler rod when you get a perfectly functional tool that feels great in the hand for a fraction of that.

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