Avanti RDX 3 System Seatbox

There are moments in your life when you just have to ‘buy’ because the bargain is too good to miss. And that’s what happened to me at a recent show at Haydock Park racecourse.

I’d gone expecting to get myself a carp pole and had put a hundred quid aside for it… three hours later I walked out with an RDX System Seatbox because you just got so much for your money, I simply had to have it. I’m not sure that I even needed it as I could have struggled on with my old Shakespeare plastic box, but this had the lot!

For just £80.00 you get a five drawer seat box with a good padded pole seat; fully adjustable square legs; a footplate; large side tray; a sliding bottom bait/tackle tray; and a front ‘bump bar’ pole rest. In fishing comfort and performance terms, you’ve got the lot!

Avanti RDX 3 System Seatbox

Avanti RDX 3 System Seatbox Bump Bar

One of the things I like about the RDX is its weight – I’ve never come across a seat with so many extras that weighs what feels like ounces – even with my tackle inside.

And it’s strong. I wouldn’t maybe buy one if you’re the size of Giant Haystacks, but for regular blokes, women and children it is a very good base.

Since buying mine I’ve been on my local commercial catching on the long pole ‘up-in-the-water’ and with everything to hand I’ve started to fish more efficiently.

I can rest the pole on the front bar and under the pole seat, leaving my hands free to keep filling my catapult from the bait tub on the side tray. This freedom lets me constantly feed accurately and on warm days when fish are active, I’ve kept the fish competing.

The drawers are all good sizes for everything from shot, disgorgers, plummets, hooks and all general accessories. I’ve chosen to keep the bulk of my floats and feeders in a tube and box in my carryall but I have a limited selection inside the seatbox at all times.

If you’re thinking of buying a new box, or not as the case may be but you can’t resist a bargain, this is well worth an investment.

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