Avanti Small Groundbait Compressor

I was given this gadget to try out at the start of the river season and I haven’t looked back since – it’s very clever.

The bait compressor allows you to squash tubes of bait into cylinders and once tightened it pits a hole through the centre.

Next step is to simply run the cylinder down your hooklength until it rests on the hook and bait… and then simply cast it out. It’s like fishing with PVA without the hassle. You get a pile of attractors covering your hook.

I still don’t really understand the full potential of the compressor as it could be used for all manner of baits – from pellets to groundbait, bread to meat.

So far I’ve caught a pile of barbel and chub using it and also had carp on commercial lakes with it.

One thing’s for sure, it’s an edge everyone should try. You can buy them by CLICKING HERE. To prove that it’s ten quid well spent Dragon Carp TV sent out their cameras to follow me on a session using the Avanti Bait Compressor… and we caught a pile of fish using it.

Why don’t you watch it yourself…

CLICK HERE to buy the Avanti Small Groundbait Compressor