Baitzone Chilli Hemp & Corn

When it comes to long session carp fishing, I must admit that I like the idea of making up my own particle mix in bulk. If you can buy by the sack, the price is very appealing and it gives me something to do at home, rather than hassle the wife. However, there are times when an instant particle mix would be handy for short sessions, especially if it's PVA-friendly. The Baitzone Chilli Hemp & Corn particle mix is just the job!

Baitzone make a range of fishing baits. Being a relatively new company, they had to do something to make them stand out, and I think they've done that.

Baitzone Chilli Hemp & CornFirst of all, the 1-litre bucket that the small version of this bait comes in is very handy. It makes it easy to carry, which is especially good for stalking, and also means that you've got a useful mini bait-bucket for future use. 3-litre 'medium' buckets are also on offer, as are gargantuan 10-litre buckets.

The bait itself is of good quality and this particular flavour was packed with chilli flakes, a bait additive that many anglers swear by. The hemp appears to be well prepared and there's a good spattering of corn in there. The mix is nice and moist, but not sloppy, and there's a good reason for that...

This particular bait is PVA-friendly, which means that you can use it straight out of the tub in PVA bags and mesh. If I've done this correctly, you'll see Baitzone's own video clip embedded below. Just click on the 'Play' symbol and you'll see it in action. Being able to use PVA means that not only can you be 100% certain that your bait is next to your particle mix, but also that you only use what bait you need – perfect for cold weather fishing, especially, when you might not want to be piling in tons of bait. A good tip would be to use a piece of corn, or two, straight from the tub as your hookbait.

Another good reason for buying the Baitzone Chilli Hemp & Corn is that it has a long shelf life. Just put the lid on and take whatever you don't use home with you. I've had this tub over two months and it's as good as the day it arrived. If you're looking for a convenience bait, then this certainly ticks the boxes. You don't need to freeze it, or even stick it in the fridge. Mine has been kept indoors!

Baitzone have an increasing range of baits, so it's worth taking a look at to see what's on offer. If you're after a general particle mix, spod mix, parti-blend, pellet, groundbait, dip or pop-up, they can sort you out. The website gives details of all their stockists, along with a video of each product. The only thing it doesn't give is the price, as this is down to your local stockist, but this 1-litre tub seemed to retail at about a £4.50-£5.00, according to a quick Google search. You may be able to do better.

2011 looks set to be a busy year for Baitzone. At a time when everyone is looking to get the best quality and value they can for their money, I'm sure they're heading in the right direction. It will be interesting to watch this range grow.

Elton Murphy
February, 2011

Baitzone Chilli Hemp & Corn