Birthday PB for Solar Tackle team member

Birthday wishes don’t come much bigger or better than this. This impressive 64lb 4oz common has been landed by Solar Tackle team member Max Reichard on his birthday while on a session in France using the Solar’s TunaMino boilies, current under testing.
“The start to the session was slow, but after changing my approach and fishing over a handful of chopped TunaMino boilies, as other anglers around the lake were fishing over big beds of boilies, I landed a chunky 45lb mirror.
“I had the feeling that there were other fish in the area and confidence was high. The following morning, on my birthday, I had a slow drop back take. I’d love to say that a heart-pounding fight followed, but truth be told the fight was rather unspectacular.
“So much so, that I didn’t realise the size of the fish until I tried to lift the net from the water to the unhooking mat. Tipping the scales at 64lb 4oz this is the biggest carp I have ever caught, and most likely the lake’s biggest common at the moment.”