Big Fish Adventure Bit Box

What do you look for in a bit box?  Perhaps something small enough to fit into your jacket pocket?  Something that's secure so that the bits don't get spilt?  Something that's easy to get the bits out of?  Something that has lots of compartments to hold items of varying sizes, not just small ones?

The Big Fish Adventure Strong Box 10 does all these things, helped out by lids on each individual compartments and an excellent main catch.  It certainly lives up to its name, and looks as though it'll last for years.  So although it isn't cheap to buy at £7.99, it'll work out inexpensive in the long run.  There are also smaller sizes, but for me this one is perfect, especially as it has some larger compartments for bulky items.

Incidentally, I've seen a seemingly identical box in another firm's catalogue, so if your local tackle shop doesn't deal with Big Fish Adventure it may still have this excellent product in stock.

Copyright Steve Burke 2004