Carp Kinetics Complete Large Storage Box

Until the last couple of seasons I used to be a ‘seatbox man’ and would turn up at a fishery with a cantilever style arrangement, drawer after drawer rammed with every accessory and piece of terminal tackle you can imagine.

But then I had this moment of clarity – I’m not sure whether it was my ageing limbs or wisdom… why do I really need all that clutter?

That’s when I changed my approach and I can fit everything I need – flask and sarnies included – into a medium-sized rucksack, and coupled with a low chair, I’ve never known such comfort.

Inside the bag I keep everything stored in this Carp Kinetics box system – so whether I’m after barbel down the river, carp in a lake, or targeting a few crafty big chub that live in my local canal, I only need the one tackle solution.

Carp Kinetics Complete Large Storage Box

Inside the box are rig boards capable of storing up to 20 rigs, although I’ve never actually tied that many. There’s also hinged compartments for spare hooks, swivels and bits’n bobs.

As well as the boards I’ve also got four small boxes which I’ve dedicated to fake baits; shot; beads; float stops; boilie stops; rubbers and isotopes.

And that still leaves acres of space for line; disgorgers; baiting tools; floats and legers. If I actually totaled up the amount of gear you can get in the Storage Box it would frighten me.

At just £10 for that much plastic, you can’t go wrong.

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