Carp Kinetics Double Diner Carpers Bag, £40

I know there will be a lot of anglers who struggle to get their heads around carp fishing, but I love it. For me it’s as much about camping out in the great outdoors as it is about fishing – catching really is a bonus.

And one of the things I really look forward to when I’m on the bank is eating.

Up until recently I used an old cool bag and threw in a few utensils – a mug, plate, knife and fork etc – just before I went. But I always ended up either not having enough, or getting a rollocking from the missus for taking her best cutlery!

Carp Kinetics Double Diner Carpers BagSo I ended up buying this purpose-made Double Diners Carpers Bag from Carp Kinetics. And already it’s proved an invaluable piece of kit.

First off, it’s a tasteful green colour (not like my lurid cool bags!) and is made from sturdy material that’s built to last. It also features solid handles and padded carry strap.

The main compartment is perfect for fresh items, like milk, that need to be kept cool. It’s spacious and lined for easy cleaning. But it’s the front pocket that’s full of the real goodies. Inside are hard-wearing plastic plates, two-screw top aluminium containers, two aluminium mugs, enough cutlery for two people, a chopping board and a towel. Basically enough of everything for me to cook up a feast for myself – and anyone else who happens to drop by my peg.

But the best bit was the price – at £40 the bag is incredible value and a fraction of the cost of similar sets sold by other manufacturers.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

To order, CLICK HERE or ring 01246 540140

Watch the video of this and other items in the Carp Kinetics Food Systems range by clicking the 'PLAY' symbol below: