Carp Kinetics Fusion Expert Advanced Tackle Box – Just £20

I am a relative newcomer to carp fishing and haven’t got a fortune to spend on kit, so when I first decided to assemble the necessary gear I was left bewildered by the amount of choice – and cost – of carp kit in my local tackle shop. Forget rods and reels, it was the price of the terminal tackle that blew me away. How can things so small cost so much?!

Then I found Dragon Carp Direct and the Carp Kinetics range. It all seemed very reasonably priced and I could build up my kit without breaking the bank.

And of all the CK stuff I’ve bought, perhaps the best in terms of pure value is the CK Fusion Expert Advanced Tackle Box.

Carp Kinetics Fusion Expert Advanced Tackle Box

For just £20, you not only get the box itself that includes two 12ins hooklength boxes with rig boards and four accessory boxes. You get loads of extras, too. There are hooks, swivels, lead clips, all manner of tubing, baiting needle, fake bait and even some pre-tied rigs.

To be honest, £20 for just the boxes would be great value (there are similar branded systems in my local shop that cost three times as much and they are as good as identical) but with all the extras, it’s just too good to say no.

If you’re new to carping, or your budget is limited, then I’d thoroughly recommend this set. You’ll save a small fortune!

Price: £20
Where to Buy: CLICK HERE