Carp Kinetics Wideload Eight-Leg Bedchair

'If you want a little bit of luxury,' read the spiel on the Dragon Carp Direct website, 'then this the bedchair for you.'

Well, given that I spend most weekends on the bank, that’s exactly what I wanted so, after twisting the missus arm for an early birthday present, I got my hands on the Wideload.

To say I’m impressed is an understatement. This really is a top-notch bit of tackle and if you stuck a 'big brand' logo on it you’d be paying more than £200 for it. The first thing I noticed was the size of it. At 2m in length and at 1m wide, most anglers will have plenty of room for manoeuvre. Another of the superb features is the detachable mattress, which is lovely and thick.

Each of the eight legs is adjustable (meaning you are always feel solid and secure – there’s nothing worse than a collapsed bedchair!) and the frame is super strong. You might expect something so big and sturdy to be heavy, but the Wideload is nothing of the sort. It’s not feather-light, but neither do you need to be Arnie to transport it to the bank.

Other features include water repellent material, a fleece-covered head-rest and swivel mud-feet for extra stability.”

This is a serious bit of tackle that I’ve been using for months now and entirely recommend.

Available from Dragon Carp Direct. CLICK HERE.

CK Wideload Eight-Leg Bedchair