Carpe 100 Long Range Carp Rod From Decathlon

I’ll leave the price of this rod until near the end of the review. I wouldn’t want it to scare you…

I have been using the Caperlan Long Range Carpe 100 carp rod from from Decathlon for some time now. I have the 3.6 metre (11ft10in) 2.5lb test curve version and have really put it through its paces. This rod only weighs 9.8oz, so is light enough for even the slightest of anglers to pick up and handle with ease.

First up were a couple of pike sessions. Could the rod lob a deadbait out? Could this average angler then make it connect with a pike? Could the rod then handle the pike?

carpe 100The answer to all three questions is yes. It coped well with small to medium deadbaits and lively pike to 16lb were tamed without any problems. In truth, I'd have felt more comfortable with a bit more 'oomph' in the shape of a 3lb test curve, but I managed.

So, on to carp and the Anglers’ Net quest for the editor’s first.

To read about the capture of this fish, click here. Suffice to say, the first carp I landed on it was a lively one. At 17lb, it was a mean fighting machine. The Carpe 100, though, was more than up to the job, giving enough sensitivity to play the fish properly, whilst still having enough back-up power to ‘give it some’ when the fish headed for known snags.

I have since caught a number of carp on this rod, including a pb of 26lb 8oz. Being used as a ‘spare’ rod, the Carpe 100 has been used in a variety of situations, from whacking a baited rig out as far as can be, to dropping a bait a few feet in front of me.

The Carpe 100 long Range Carp Rod from Decathlon (centre) certainly doesn't look out of place amongst the more expensive rods.

Knowing, as I do, the price of this rod, I can’t fault it. It looks quite nice in plain black, it does the job and it even appears to be my ‘lucky’ rod! Sure, it may not be as flash as many of the custom built or top of the range rods available today, but it certainly doesn’t look naff either!!

So, how much is it? Well, last time I was in Decathlon it was about £32! Yes, you read that correctly • thirty two! I showed this rod around at Wraysbury 2 once and even some very experienced anglers guessed it to be a £100 rod. It's easy to see why, though!

I only wish that I’d had such tackle available to me when I was a youngster. Thirty quid has never bought you much…up until now!

Decathlon have a few stores in the UK. Give their London store a call on 0207 394 2000. Or, even better, get yourself down to the store, which is enormous and have a look for yourself. You’ll find them at Decathlon Surrey Quays, Canada Water Retail park, Surrey Quays Road, London, SE16 2XU

Decathlon's site is at:

Take a look at the goods…and the prices!

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