Chill Beater Boots

These boots were made for fishing...

Like most anglers, I tend to vary my footwear from season to season. I like something cool and airy in the Summer and something well insulated in the Winter. Chill Beaters claim to have the ideal product for all seasons!

The Chill Beater boots are designed to withstand temperatures up to minus 30°C, whilst keeping the foot at body temperature. They achieve this by forming an insulative interior to the boot with a special membrane, which acts as a heat barrier. Unlike many other boots, these are also insulted from the underneath, not just the sides. The bellow tongue ensures that a tight, yet comfortable, waterproof seal is formed around the foot.

Chill Beater BootsThe boots are made in England from waterproof leather and Chill Beaters state that this will stay waterproof throughout the lifespan of the boots. All that is needed is a little Dubbin oil from time to time, just to keep the leather supple.

The underneath of the boot has a fairly substantial grip and should ensure that you stay upright. Obviously, all anglers need to take care on slippery banks, whatever the footwear, but the Chill Beater will ensure that it’s not your footwear that lets you down.

So, that’s all well and good in the Winter, but what about the warmer seasons?

Well, the special membrane mentioned earlier serves a dual role, as it reflects heat out of the boot once the temperature outside rises. They are designed slightly differently than conventional boots and the result is significant – instead of trying to heat your feet to keep them warm, the Chill Beater boots prevent heat loss. The result is that, when it is warmer outside, your feet stay at the same ambient temperature and do not sweat. A sweaty foot is an uncomfortable foot, so this should be seen as a massive bonus to anglers! When fishing, we need good grip and waterproof features, but that is often compromised where comfort is concerned. The Chill Beater changes all that.

The Chill Beater boots aren’t particularly dear at £59.95 plus postage. For that, you get an extremely high quality British made boot that should give you years of use. Also, because of the style of the boot, they are not just limited exclusively for fishing. They could be used for practically any outdoor use.

Tight lines (and comfortable feet!),



These Boots Have A Fairly Substantial Grip...

These Boots Have A Fairly Substantial Grip...

...Which Comes In Handy In Muddy Conditions!

...Which Comes In Handy In Muddy Conditions!