CK Armaplate Carp Rod 3.25lb tc

It may sound like a bold claim but I just can't believe there's a better value fishing rod for sale in Britain at the moment than the Armaplate.

Unless it's second or third hand on Ebay!

In my opinion this is on a par – and better – than the Daiwa Mission or the the Fox Warrior yet I can get a pair of these for the price of one of those! The bar on quality/value is defined by this rod.

They come in two 12ft test curves – 2.75 and 3.25 – and I invested in the heavier model as they can do just about everything I need.

The Armaplate is two-piecer and has a progressive action without any flat spot, making them a nice playing tool even though it has plenty of power. It's that gutsy feel that lets you ping out a bait and lead but also nick on a pva bag and still hit long range.

I'm not a big caster but I've certainly put a 15mm boilie beyond 90 yards with these.

The lined guides are large and make the rod look stylish on the pod and the reel seat makes the rod look ultra-modern – most people would think you were using something worth a £100 not thirty quid.

So far, my best fish is a 28lb 4oz mirror but I'm due to go to France this year and I'll be taking the Armaplates with me and I'm expecting to beat that. I've since also bought the matching spod and marker rods which means I'm totally kitted out for just over £100.

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CK Armaplate Carp Rod