CK Six Jar Glug Bag

More and more these days, I find myself saying things like “I'm not going to write an essay about this product....”, simply because a lot of products are basic items that are very well known to anglers and really don't need thousands of words to describe them.

This Glug Bag & Jars from Carp Kinetics is one such item.

There are lots of glug bags on the market and, to be honest, there isn't much to choose between them. You probably could pay a small fortune and get one that is a tiny bit better, but this is for storing baits, not for sleeping in, so does it really matter?

This offering from Carp Kinetics comes in a nice drab-green colour, which I like, with the CK logo on the front. You can pay £5 more for a camo version, but the product is just the same. That part's a matter of personal preference. Me, I prefer plain green.

CK Six Jar Glug Bag

The zips are pretty good and have tags on them to make them easier to grab.

Inside, there is adequate padding. The main compartment is divided into six-sections, each containing a plastic glug-pot. The inside of the lid section also has an elasticated strip for storing things like baiting needles, something that wasn't mentioned on the Dragon Carp Direct website at the time of writing.

There is also a carrying handle on the bag, something else they don't mention on the site!

At just £10, this is a steal. Fill the pots up with boilies, particles or any manner of bait, soak them and leave them in the garage. Grab the bag next time you go fishing and you'll have some potent baits with which you can do your very best to tempt a fish on the bank!

Price: £10 (green), £15 (camo)
Where to buy: CLICK HERE