FishyRob’s ‘D-Vice’

Review by Ada

What better name …. a device, gizmo, gadget, whatever which actually WORKS!!!

It reminds me, a bit, of the 80s vintage (Intakl) BAITSAFE  designed by Ted Thwaites of Beccles; but there the similarity ends …..

The D-Vice –

First, it isn't a swimfeeder.

It's designed to put delicate baits – lug, rag, white rag, maddies, shellfish etc as far as you like without the need to ‘mummify' them.
It casts well without wobble and as an aside, it planes to the surface on the retrieve.
Any Gemini head will fit the D-Vice, but Rob will supply with a ‘standard' breakout head from

The clever bit is the use of a hexagonal lead in a round tube, which creates jets of water on impact and ejects the baits automatically. Brilliant!
Although I steer clear of gadgets, I gave this one a good try out over the summer and caught bream, smoothies and bass –

It works a treat over clean/mixed ground.
Not for the rough stuff, though!

I was left to my own ‘devices' to work out a suitable rig and came up with this for tangle-free presentation and with plenty of variation possible at the terminal end.