PVA Party Pack

Supplied by ‘Darkside’ tackle (www.darksidetackle.co.uk), this product comes presented as a ‘PVA party pack’ containing 1lt of pva pellets, a pair of small scissors, 100 bait stops, 20 metres of pva string and 20 metres of pva tape, all for the amazing price of just £3.99!!

PVA Party PackI tested the pellets in a tank of water to see what the break down rate was; two pieces stuck together around a weight broke up in approximately 40 seconds. A single piece took longer, but still degraded quickly to leave the hook clean and free of residue. One of the biggest problems with the use of pva is ‘lickstickibility’; it either sticks together and never breaks down, will not maintain shape or texture for the duration of the cast, or just falls off; this particular product only does what it is supposed to.... Quite often pellets, tapes and strings advertised as pva are in reality polystyrene packaging which will not break down in the same way, (if ever),but not this.

‘Darkside’ have created a complete pva solution for all situations in a handy collection. Whether you need to prevent a hair rig from tangling, or a hook from fouling in weed, this will do it all. Maybe you can turn to the ‘Darkside’??

The Darkside Tackle range is constantly evolving. Visit www.darksidetackle.co.uk for the latest carp fishing offers.

Clint Walker