Dynamite Baits Fluro Two Tone Pop Ups

With the carp in a semi-dormant state, now is the time to break out those fluro pop ups to try and get amongst them. They’re hugely productive right throughout the year, of course, but in winter a fluro pop up fished over a small bed of bait, or even completely on its own, can often make the difference and rescue success from the jaws of defeat!

Question is, which do you go for? There are so many colours and flavours to choose from, all of which on their day are all as equally impressive as the next. Decisions, decisions! Thankfully, the fantastic new range of two tone pop ups from leading carp bait suppliers Dynamite Baits has the perfect solution… fish two at once!

The new two tone range is designed to offer all things to all men… or should that be fish?! First up, we have two of the best flavours ever invented; Tutti Frutti and Pineapple which come as two tone yellow and orange baits. Also, there’s Squid and Scopex, offered in a two tone red and pink.

In a game where we’re told success is all about doing something that little bit different to the guy in the next swim, you’d have to say putting one of these on the end of your hook would certainly be doing just that!

They can be fished on their own, or over any number of additional feedbaits available from the Dynamite stable – the carp had better watch out this winter!

Julian Grattidge
January 2012

Dynamite Baits Fluro Two Tone Pop Ups