Nash End Game PVA Bags

Nash End Game Bag Master Rapid and Bag Master Superstrong PVA Bags

The first thing that struck me about the Kevin Nash End Game PVA bags was the packaging. As you’d expect from one of the UK’s major carp tackle and bait suppliers, it was spot on! Okay, that might not seem important to some, but attention to detail from the start can only be a good thing when you’re talking about an item that is going to be right at the forefront of your attempts to catch a big carp. Oh, and each packet has one of those little ‘silica gel’ packets in, ensuring that they stay really dry!

As it was, I should have paid a bit more attention to the packaging… wasn’t until I took one out that I realised that they were folded in two. These bags are BIG! I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to use it for baiting up, or sleeping in!!

The bags themselves open without any trouble whatsoever. No fiddling about, which is especially handy when it’s dark and wet outside. You just want to get the job done.

Being made of two-ply PVA, these shaped bags are also tough. To be honest, this wouldn’t be an issue for me so much with smaller bags fished at short distances, but let me give you an idea of what we’re talking about here: I filled one of the Size 2 bags (12cm x 19cm) with 12 15mm Scopex Squid Livers Plus boilies and a helping of the matching Nashbait pellet. I then weighed the bag and it weighed 7oz! With that much bait in a bag, I’d want it to a) reach the end of the cast and b) get to the bottom of the lake. I would not want to waste that bait and have it scattered away from the baited-up area. Suffice to say, these bags were more than up to the job.

The Bagmaster Rapid bags are designed to break down quicker than the Superstrong ones, which are designed for use with heavier loads and/or leads, as well as oils. The other bonus with the Superstrong is that, although they break down fairly quickly and cleanly, they do leave you enough time to pull back the rig for better presentation.

A friend and I fished these bags on a recent session. We didn’t have a single problem with them and I shall be using them again whenever I need to get a big pile of bait out accurately. The ‘cut-off’ cone shape means that they travel accurately and I never found any residue on the rigs. The bags also have their own ‘drawstrings’, which is handy for tying them up. I’m going to be honest here, though, and admit that I still prefer to tie mine with tape. There’s nothing wrong with the drawstring system, but I just have my funny little ways!

If you are using these bags, you need to be aware of the weight implications. As mentioned above, I weighed a filled one at 7oz. Obviously, your rods need to be able to handle this.

In summary, these bags are superb quality and won’t let you down. Your bait/rig is your first line of attack, so you want to be confident you’ve presented it well. You’ll feel this confidence with these Nash End Game PVA Bags.

Bag Master Rapids (perforated) have a retail price of £2.99 for 10 and the Bag Master Superstrongs are £3.50. They come in three sizes:
Size 1 - 10x17cm
Size 2 - 12x19cm
Size 3 - 12x21cm

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Elton Murphy
September, 2005