Enterprise Tackle Imitation Baits

This is one of those reviews where I’m not quite sure where to start. The range of imitation baits available from Enterprise Tackle simply beggars belief; around thirty different products on my last count - and that’s just bait! They also do a large range of innovative accessories and terminal tackle, but for now I’ll just concentrate on the bait products. I’ve been using Enterprise products since they first hit the shelves a few years ago and my catch rates whilst using their products have been quite simply unbelievable. Most Anglers Net regulars will know that I’m a big fan of fishing natural baits for my carp fishing and these imitation baits allow me to fish numerous approaches in complete confidence.

Many people use imitation baits to present a popped-up approach, with say a piece of fake corn and a few pieces of real sweetcorn, and whilst this is no doubt a devastating approach, I’ve gone the whole hog and mainly use just the artificial baits as hookbait! When you first start out it can be quite a leap of faith, not actually having any real bait on your hook, but believe me the sooner you get try it, the sooner your catch rates will increase. The main advantage is that you can leave your rods out for hours (if not days!) knowing that the imitation bait is still presented perfectly, with no little roach or bream nibbling away at them. My main target is carp, and I’ve had plenty on them, but they are equally effective for other specimens and just the other week I had a 1lb 14oz roach on two imitation pieces of corn. Using the same set-up I’ve had bream to near double figures and some absolutely stunning tench to similar sizes; so whatever your quarry, these imitation baits have an awful lot going for them.

A recent Birch Grove specimen taken on two pieces of Enterprise Imitation Corn

The imitation corn is my main vice and I like to use a combination of floating and sinking pieces in order to present the perfect critically balanced approach. I’m also a big fan of Enterprise tiger nuts and maggots. For surface fishing they also do imitation dog biscuits and a full range of boilies, which I’ve had great success with when using them for floater fishing, just hair-rigged as normal using a controller float.

Some people say that fish must surly prefer the real thing to an imitation. All I have to prove them wrong is my catch rates which have actually gone up since I started using imitation hook baits alone and dropping the sweetcorn/maize on the hook. Don’t get me wrong, I fish them over a handful or hemp, sweetcorn, or in most cases, my own particle mix, but their ability to fool the fish time and time again is quite simply astonishing. In addition, I find the Enterprise items work better than anything I’ve ever been able to fashion myself using foam and scissors, and believe me • I’ve tried. One thing is for sure, I NEVER go fishing without them!

A Birch Grove specimen of a different kind! Also taken on two pieces of Enterprise Imitation Corn

Most Enterprise imitation baits range from £1.95 to £2.95 • An absolute bargain when you consider how long they last. Products from Enterprise Tackle are available in most tackle shops, but if you are struggling to find some you can also download an order form from their informative website.

More at: http://www.enterprisetackle.co.uk

Julian Grattidge
September, 2005