Enterprise Tackle New Imitation Dog Biscuits



Surface fishing is my favourite way of catching carp. It’s not just brilliant fun, it’s incredibly exciting actually watching a fish take your bait.

The problem I’ve found is that using actual dog biscuits can be a bit fiddly. So artificials have always been my option.

As with all fake bait, by default I turn to Enterprise. And although the original imitation offerings were good, the new ones are even better!

Enterprise Tackle New Imitation Dog BiscuitsSmaller and featuring a tapered design, they are much more stable in the water, meaning you can fish well even in choppy water. They also look quite a bit more like the real thing when fished among the free offerings.

They come with a split shot that acts as counter-balance so the hook is always out of view from wary carp.

There’s also one very clever addition to the 2014 version. A foam insert is supplied to help with buoyancy, but it has the added advantage of being porous – meaning you can add a flavour.

In my experience, carp fishing, especially on pressured waters, is all about finding that little edge, something that sets you apart from the rest. So a trick like that can put extra fish on the bank.

I’ve found that hooks want to be no bigger than a 10 for perfect presentation.

Enterprise Tackle New Imitation Dog Biscuit

*Available from all good tackle dealers.
*For more information, visit www.enterprisetackle.co.uk

*Watch Frank Warwick describe how best to fish the new Enterprise Tackle New Imitation Dog Biscuits below...