Fishrite Glug & Bait Bag – FR223

How long do you soak your baits? Ask some carpers that question and the answer will be, “Years!” It's no secret that a glugged bait can often give you the edge over a standard offering.

The Fishrite Glug & Bait Bag is another well made product, priced at the cheaper end of the carp fishing market, but without the 'nastiness' that often accompanies other company's cheap products!

The case has ample room for the six plastic pots provided, as well as extra space to store other items in the main compartment. I use mine now to store the six pots of eternally soaking boilies, as well as a few additional pots of pop-ups. The pots are basic, but they are there to do a basic job, so anything more would be overkill. Although mine are used for boilies, there's nothing stopping you from using them for pellets, flavoured meat, etc.

Zipped side pockets, again, provide additional storage for such items as dips and flavourings.

The padded handle is a nice touch. Not strictly necessary, as it's doubtful that you would fill this bag with heavy items and then be forced to carry it far, but another indicator that Fishrite haven't just gone for the cheapest option possible.

The RRP of this bag is £19.99, which is a good price when compared to other products available. That said, the price at the time of writing was just £9.99, which makes it an exceptional buy!

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