Fishrite X-treme Jacket (FR 172)

When the heavy frosts arrived late last year along with the cold North Easterly winds, I knew it was the perfect time to put the Fishrite X-treme Jacket to the test. After some heavy use over the winter months only one word springs to mind when thinking about this product - Toast! 

It's by far the best heavy-duty winter jacket I've ever seen or used. The outer is breathable and waterproof, and as Fishrite claim, the water just runs off. I tested this not only by wearing the jacket in bad conditions, but also by conducting my own little tank-test! I always like to check those ‘magical' claims that manufacturers sometimes make, so I half filled the bath and immersed one of the arms in water. After making a brew I went back to the jacket and was happy to discover no signs of leakage. I left it in for a good while after that but eventually got bored as it still showed no signs of failing! 

After some heavy usage, I was really surprised buy how comfortable the jacket is to wear. During winter I usually wear heavy-duty fleece jackets and a very thin waterproof layer over the top as I find most big jackets to be very restrictive. Not so with this one. It copes easily with constant movement and not once have I felt restricted whilst using it - testament indeed to its lightweight build. 

The jacket is double zipped, allowing you to integrate a fleece jacket underneath - though in all honesty I really don't think you need it. The jacket inner is fleece lined throughout and brings immediate warmth the second you put it on. The jacket has a massive thick collar, which is also fleece lined so it keeps you warm in even the coldest of winds. 

The collar opens up to form the X-treme hood, which is a fantastic feature in itself; a fleece lined hood with what can only be described as wind tunnel at the front to protect you from even the worst driving rain. Along with the wired hood, there's also a face guard with Velcro fasteners and pull cords. 

The body features four external hip pockets; two of which are fleece lined, two external chest pockets, and one internal chest pocket (zipped). Also features reinforced shoulders and neoprene inner cuffs. 

The X-treme jacket is available in S.M.L.XL.XXL. and retails at £89.99.  

A quality product, which I highly recommend. 

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Julian Grattidge