‘Hard-on’ Flying Back Leads

For a couple of seasons now, I’ve really started thinking about camouflaging my end rigs so I’ve been a big fan of flying back leads. After much trial and error, I think that they work better than captive leads, especially at range. Think about it; during a long cast, a flying back lead traps the last few feet ‘Hard-on’ the bottom which is where you want it so that it cannot be seen, a captive back lead allows the line to rise up over any underwater obstruction between you and the hook bait....

‘Hard-on’ Flying Back LeadsHaving set up my rig ready to go, I’ve occasionally been in the unfortunate position of forgetting to add a flying back lead before I’ve attached my terminal tackle or leader resulting in me having to break everything down again in order to put a lead on the mainline above my set up. The innovative ACE design uses an inner sleeve allowing me to slide the plastic inner on first, and then add the weighted lead after before putting the two together to form a completed item; no more breaking down tackle!

By placing the slots in the plastic inner and the lead outer opposite each other, it cannot come apart and the line flows freely through the centre without rubbing or chafing. The back lead is then free to ‘fly up’ the mainline on the cast pinning it to the lake bed.

ACE ‘Hard-on’ back leads come supplied in packs of six, so you should always have plenty available to pin your line down. Get yours from all good tackle stockists or online at www.acecarp.com