Footprint 3 Hi-Stability Pod

I’m spending less and less time pleasure fishing and more hours in pursuit of carp. And, with that in mind, I’ve started to invest my money in the relevant equipment.

I’ve been after a rod pod for a few months but wanted to get value for money as I’ve started to realise how inflated prices are in carp tackle. I’ve looked at the Fox stuff and decided that the Stalker pod was probably the best suited for me in terms of all-round options but online prices ranged between 70-80 quid.

That’s when my mate put me onto some of the Carp Kinetics tackle on the Dragon Carp website. Some of the more expensive items on the site like the Synapse rods are incredible value, and whilst hunting for quality at the right price, I came across the Footprint 3 rod pod. It doesn’t appear much different to a Stalker to me… except when you try and pay for it. It’s only £40.

Footprint 3 Hi-Stability Pod

It is made from epoxycoated aluminium and has good, telescopic legs that spread well apart giving extra stability. The front and back forks that adjust the three-head buzz bars are solid and offer a wide range of settings. This means you can have the rod tips sub surface if there’s a big wind howling, or up in the air if you want to keep the line away from marginal weed beds or when fishing at extreme range.

The centre bar is fully extendable and all the joints and clips that provide the adjustments are extremely well made.

The pod comes with a zip bag and I’ve been delighted with the performance of mine.

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