FOX Series 6 Ready Tied Carp Rigs

I remember writing a review last year about a selection of ready tied carp rigs that landed in my office courtesy of Trev's - and pretty good they were too. The other week they sent me another selection to review from Fox, and first impressions were just as good, if not better.

FOX Series 6 Ready Tied Carp RigsFox is one of the 'big three' for most anglers in the UK, and they've been supplying quality innovative tackle for more years than I care to mention. Their range of end tackle and accessories is no exception, and the Fox Warrior range of ready tied carp rigs looked pretty impressive.

The rigs in question utilise the ever consistent Series 6 Fox carp hook (with its out-turned eye), matched to a Fox mono stiff link and Fox rolling swivel. The packaging states that 'each Warrior carp rig has been hand tied to exacting specifications using proven and reliable components' and having closely inspected a good number of rigs, I've no reason to doubt it. They are incredibly uniform in their construction and the whipping of the hooklink on to the shank of the hook is first class - no less than you'd expect I suppose.

I put them to the test at the weekend, and quickly went on to bank a couple of nice doubles before packing up the next morning - not bad for chilly February morning I thought. One thing I did like was the fact that these rigs were tied using a good quality mono - something you don't very often see nowadays. In a world where every manufacturer and his dog are climbing over each other to bring you the next 'revolutionary' new hooklink material, many often overlook the use of the simplest of rig materials - and as many a good angler will tell you - these are often the quickest ways to banking a few fish!

There's not a huge amount more I can say about these rigs, other than the fact they do everything they say on the tin. In the 6 Series they are available in sizes eight and ten, there are three rigs per pack, and the hooklinks are approximately 20cm/8inches in length. Whilst I used boilies on mine, they are also perfectly suited to pellets, naturals, artificial baits and whatever else takes your fancy.

FOX Series 6 Ready Tied Carp Rigs

One thing that is worth mentioning is the deal itself. At the time of writing Trev's are offering a bulk pack of twelve rigs for just £10.00 (Six size 8 and six size 10). Individually, Fox carp rigs sell for between £1.75 and £2.00 each! So 'go do the math' as they like to say across the pond.

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Julian Grattidge