Fox Black Label Bankware

One of the most eagerly anticipated product releases for January 2012 must surely be the new range of Black Label Edition bankware from Fox. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no tackle tart – far from it – but this stuff just oozes quality and class, and looks the absolute business.

I think the reason I like the look of it so much is precisely because it’s not all tarty and in your face – it’s exactly the opposite - subtly understated, purposely designed not to stand out… just the way I like it. My current stainless set up is in dire need of replacement this year and this new range from Fox is right up there at the top of my list.

So what is it exactly? Well, the boys at Fox have worked hard for eighteen months developing this range, and the results speak for themselves; a chunky aluminium black anodised finish with no fiddly grub screws, silly add ons, or blatant branding.

There’s around seventeen different parts to the range, allowing you to pick and chose to obtain your perfect set up for rod support. From a complete pod right down to a single stage support, it’s all there. My favoured rod support set up for many years has been a simple two rod adjustable buzz bar set up on bank sticks, with an additional single rod set up, again on bank stick should I need it, and this range caters for all that and more… much more!

There are six different lengths of bank stick from a stubby 5” to a long 36”, fixed buzz bars in two or three rod, adjustable buzz bars in three rod, stabiliser blocks, snag ears, stage stands, and a pod frame which all the aforementioned bits can be attached to – it’s all there. Every piece in the range is interchangeable so you can add to it over time in order to cover all bases.

The icing on the cake has to be the price though. The Aluminium manufacture means a cheaper product when compared to stainless, which is reflected in the cost, with the fixed two rod buzz bars for example retailing at just £24.99 for the pair – impressive indeed.

You’ve been able to pre-order items from the range for a while now and I understand there’s been a significant uptake, hardly surprising really. It’s a fresh new option that offers the perfect prescription for those who don’t like to stand out, or for those who feel some of the current stainless offerings out there are becoming a little too overpriced!

Due for release during January 2012.

Julian Grattidge
January 2012

Fox Black Label Bankware