Fox FX Flatliner Bedchair

If you’re in the market for a new bedchair this year, then the new Fox FX Flatliner is well worthy of further investigation. Let’s face it, every man and his dog are out there claiming their bed chairs are the best, most innovative and most comfortable… so what, if anything, sets the Flatliner apart?

For us, there are three main features. First, as the name implies, when you set the bed up it’s totally flat from top to toe. Most bedchairs have a degree of lift at the head end, either from a slight bend put into the frame, or because the reclining head section does not go completely flat on the ratchet. Fox’s thinking is that as we all sleep on totally flat beds at home, we’d actually get a better night's sleep on the bank if we did the same there, too, and adjusted the head height with the use of a pillow. Again, to further this end, there is no integral pillow either – it’s for you to find the right pillow to get the perfect levelling.

I must admit, as a lanky six foot-plusser who always likes to sleep on his side to keep an eye on the water, I often have a sore shoulder come the morning, in no small part due to the lift on the head end of my bedchair, so for me personally, this sounds like a great feature.

Secondly, the recliner ratchet (or flip cam as they call it) slides round underneath the bed once set to flat, so there’s no cumbersome lump under the padding which has a habit of getting in the way when you’re wanting to sprawl out a bit.

Thirdly, the bottom fold up leg section is double hinged, thus meaning that when the end is folded up, it squares off rather than folding flat, so for those like me who keep their sleeping bag and bedchair cover folded within the confines of the frame, the pack away is much easier as there is a little more room to accommodate them – perfect!

Fox FX Flatliner Bedchair

Of course, there are other features too; it has twist-lok leg adjustment, mud feet with pegging holes, an oval aluminium frame, easy flow elastic and a high density 50mm fleece covered foam mattress with luxury faux suede perimeter - sounds better than my sofa - but we’d say it’s the three points above that really set it apart.

Overall dimensions are (cm): 208 x 94 x 40, Maximum Height (cm): 48, Folded Dimensions (cm): 90 x 94 x 34 and the weight is (kg): 12.9.

We really like the look of this bedchair and can see it grabbing a huge share of the top end market. The only thing I’d say is a shame - from the point of view of somebody who likes to travel light - is that it’s only available in a 3 leg version, but to be honest with most beds now aimed at the session angler, this seems to be a common trend.

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Julian Grattidge
January 2012