Fox Micron MX

After 8 years of sterling (and not so sterling service, that’s another story) my expensive pair of buzzers decided it was time to pack in. Faced with the prospect of having to replace both buzzers at the same time, and perhaps purchase a third one, I was faced with an interesting dilemma. Should I purchase three top of the range buzzers that would set me back about £240 or look at the cheaper options?

Visiting my local tackle shop answered the question for me. I was advised to buy the new Micron MX, which currently retails at £34.99. This meant I could purchase three new buzzers and accompanying hard protective cases (approx. £5 each) for £120. This was a real bonus. I was delighted with being able to purchase three buzzers for the price I was expecting to pay for one (especially as I’m a tight Northerner!). The Micron MX also comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Fox Micron MXThe Micron MX is an absolute gem for its price and should blow away all its other competitors in the same price range. In fact, I’m sure it will even affect the sales of the top of the range models.

The MX has two levels of sensitivity. The high sensitivity comes from a 4 wheel magnet roller and the lower sensitivity is provided by a 2 wheel magnet roller. I was worried about losing the sensitivity of my previous models but the high sensitivity on the Micron is more than adequate. I found that I couldn’t always use the highest sensitivity on my older buzzers due to false bleeps but with the Microns I know every sound is a bite.

The Microns have variable tone and volume. The tone comes in useful for multiple buzzer use and the volume range is more than adequate. The tone and volume switches seem very reliable and shouldn’t fall off – not like on my old Daiwa Sensitron models!

The Microns have a very bright high visibility blue latching LED light, which stays illuminated for about 20 seconds following any audible indication, and a betalight slot. They also have an extension socket. There is also the power out facility if you’re one of those posers who want the flashy Fox illuminated bite indicators!

Fox Micron MX with hardcases I was worried that the small ears holding the rod in place would leave the rods prone to blowing off in strong winds but after fishing in a very brisk crosswind for several hours I have no such reservations. One note of caution, the gap for holding the rod in place is relatively small so if you own one of the cheaper carp/pike rods that have large blanks the rod might not fit onto the buzzer. The more expensive rods with slim blanks have no problems. If you’re a long stay carp angler then you may be more suited to the more expensive buzzers with all the latest gadgets. However, carp and pike anglers and pleasure fisherman alike, who are after a reliable cost effective buzzer, should look no further than the Micron MX.

Its small size means it fits in your tackle box or rucksack easily and the addition of the hardcase means that your buzzer should last for ages if looked after properly. If you already own a set of buzzers but need a handy extra one just so you can fish a quiet corner without having to move your rod pod etc then the Micron MX is an ideal choice.

Martin Salisbury

May 2000