Frenzied Hemp

I've long been a fan of hempseed but lack of time has meant that I've usually bought it ready prepared. I'd much rather spend time fishing than making bait!

In the past this has meant using frozen hemp, but now it's available in cans and jars. Moreover, with Frenzied Hemp you retain all the lovely natural juices. Normally, a lot of these water-soluable attractants are lost when the hemp is boiled. In fact, throw out some Frenzied Hemp and see what a big oil slick you get! Not all this oil floats away immediately as some will have remained inside the moist grains and thus will continue to attract the fish.

Frenzied HempFrenzied Hemp comes in ring-pull tins so that no tin opener is required. These hold 590 grams and cost £1.99. Even better value are the big jars containing 2.3 kilos for £6.99 which is a saving of 30%. The jars can work out even more economical than that as they have screw tops, and so what you don't use can easily be saved for the next trip, although the hemp won't last any longer than normal. Incidentally, used jars when dried should make excellent containers for cereal groundbait.

In fact, I'm so struck on Frenzied Hemp that I can't see me using any other form of hempseed ever again!

Stephen Burke

September 2001

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