Gardner Covert 'Chod' Hooks

Supplied in packs of 10, the Gardner Covert range of hooks feature a unique plating system to eradicate the problems of rust spots and subdued glare associated with Teflon coated hooks. The chod hook is an innovative development in hook patterns, the 15 degree out turned eye reduces  pressure on the medium length shank during the fight, and dramatically improving presentation of pop up baits by aligning the bait perfectly when using stiff hooklength materials.

According to Gardner, the range is the ‘least reflective hook you can buy’ and promises ‘stronger, sharper points’ which is what appears to be on offer. Designed to be used with other Gardner products such as ‘Tripwire’ to ensure the hook turns aggressively on being picked up, the chod hook also features a top grade tempered, forged high carbon steel wire construction with a longer point, wide gape and angled in shank to guarantee a great hook hold.

Gardner Covert 'Chod' HooksI’ve used them regularly over a lengthy period, and I can’t find fault with them. I’ve not had any of the hooks straighten or deform, the points have remained sharp, and the beak hasn’t dulled with usage, so I’m happy to carry on using them. As the cold weather approaches and getting a pick up becomes harder, I want to know I’ve got a hook that will do the business, and the Covert range promise to do exactly what I need.

Find them in your local stockist or online - - for around £3.99 a pack.

Clint Walker, October 2010