Gardner Tackle Trickster Heavy Hooklink

I’ve been a massive fan of the Gardner Tackle hooklinks for many years, and their latest new release in the form of the Trickster Heavy – available in camo green or camo brown – is sure to become another firm favourite in my tackle box.

Let’s face it, coated hooklinks have become the norm for the majority of anglers over recent years, and why not? They’re extremely effective and really simple to use, but I’ve noticed a trend over the last year or so of many anglers switching back to braided hooklinks in order to try and offer a presentation that's a bit different to the norm.

Historically, I’ve always had good results on braids but to be honest, I always find their presentation leaves a lot to be desired and I’m forever rubbing putty and adding blobs along their length to get them to sit how I want them to – something I don’t need to do as much with my fluorocarbon and coated link rigs. What’s needed is a braid that’s designed to be super heavy, whilst also being super supple straight out of the pack...

Gardner Tackle Trickster Heavy HooklinkGardner Tackle has a knack of putting something out onto the market just as I’m thinking about it, and they’ve done it again with the Trickster Heavy. Not only are their products very competitively priced – the new Trickster coming in at just £5.99 - but I always feel their hooklinks are just that bit different to the norm, and I’m sure some of the successes I’ve had over recent years have been had as a direct result.

The new Trickster Heavy features a camo fleck Dyneema weave, which has a smooth finish and a soft, supple feel. Both colours come in 15lb, 20lb and 25lb breaking strains offering a fast sinking and extremely supple presentation in any given situation.

I’m currently fishing two low stocked syndicates with fish that are well fed every week, so you really have to get your thinking cap on to try and trip up fish which really don’t need to take a chance – and I’m hoping this new offering from Gardner will help me get amongst them with some new approaches I have up my sleeve… I’ll keep you posted!

Julian Grattidge
January 2012