D.A.M. Hi Litanium Golden Carp 12.5m Pole

I have been pole fishing for a few years now, but have never really had a decent quality pole, making do with poles that would be better suited to holding up street lamps than precision fishing. So I was over the moon when I got my hands on this pole, apparently one of the last models made before D.A.M. Went bust, not a good sign for buying a new pole really but standard top two`s and three`s will fit this pole without problem, and I have been assured that damaged sections will be able to be replaced for quite some time.

The pole comes in seven sections plus a top three and two top two sections, all but the last two sections are finished with a spiral wrap which is great for sliding back and forth but the last two sections are very shiney and don't slide so well, but this is a minor gripe, as the pole performs so well in all other departments.

D.A.M. Hi Litanium Golden Carp 12.5m PoleWith a power top two, and a no14 elastic the pole is very well balanced at 11m, at 12.5m it is still usable but it does start to droop very very slightly, and a slight loss of control is felt, for me this is fine as all the canal fishing I do are 11m and under, at 11m the pole can be held one handed resting it on your knee all day, and for a pole in this price range is nothing to be sneezed at.

All the joints are bullet, thus almost eliminating splitting the the female ends, which are all reinforced, the pole weighs in at 788g at 11m and takes up to a 18 elastic.

The Golden carp retails at £399 but most outlets are selling it for £299, and now D.A.M have gone bust expect to see this price reduced dramatically.

If you are going to but a pole this year and aren't willing to pay silly prices I highly recommend this pole.

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D.A.M. Hi Litanium Golden Carp 12.5m Pole

D.A.M. Hi Litanium Golden Carp 12.5m Pole