Holland and Wilkinson Limited Edition Centrepin Reel

I used to own a centerpin as a young man and fished on Yorkshire rivers with my favourite ‘drum’. In many ways they were my favourite fishing days.

Apart from really expensive ‘pins, I hadn’t seen a traditional style reel on the market for years but they appear to have come back into fashion.

I bought the new Holland and Wilkinson Golden Retriever as a treat for myself and with just 500 available – all individually numbered – it’s my own little piece of history hanging from the corks of my float rod.

Holland and Wilkinson Limited Edition Centrepin Reel

Just ‘bat’ the spool and the drum goes into freespin – I haven’t counted how many revolutions it’s capable of but it seems to float effortlessly round. And round.

The reel measures 4.5 inches and features a vented spool and wooden handles. It has an on/off ratchet, is fully adjustable, and has a removable line guard.

I’ve found my Golden Retriever at its best on the River Wye catching barbel and chub under a loafer. The 6lb line pulls off the spool at the pace of the river and the fights are so direct – I can feel everything. My best catch this season is eight chub to 5lb and a dozen barbel – all on the caster. Proper fishing!

The reel comes in a wooden presentation box - an amazing piece of kit for just £50.

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