John Roberts Clip On Rod Bands

More and more anglers now keep their rods made-up so that they’re ready for use in a jiffy. The conventional way to do so is to use Velcro rod bands, but they always seem to get lost and you also have to keep them clean or they lose their "stickiness". Fed-up with these problems the ever-inventive John Roberts has come up with a practical alternative.

Each section of a 2-piece rod neatly clips into each side of the Rod Band, which is made from soft plastic so as not to damage the finish of the rod. They fit all carbon rods between approx. 1 and 3lbs test curve and I field tested mine for almost a year on a Caliber Sniper lure rod, which has a test curve of 1¾lbs. I found that, on this rod at least, the joints were held very securely and, unlike with Velcro bands they didn’t slip round and cause tangles. In fact I now keep the rod bands clipped onto the rod even when I’m fishing which is the ultimate in convenience. However carp anglers who wish to pose will no doubt take them off!

John Roberts Rod BandI haven’t yet field-tested them on my own carp rods, as I currently have Velcro bands as they stop the weights banging against the rod. However I can see me changing this coming season as its just as easy to clip a weight or rig on as spend time digging out a set of Velcro rod bands.

If they sell well John has promised to bring out a version to fit 3 piece rods which will be a boon for those like me who use 3 piece rods a lot and suffer the occasional but inevitable tangle with Velcro bands.

John Roberts products are widely available in tackle shops and a set of Clip-on Rod Bands costs just £1.98, which typically works out about a third of the price of Velcro bands.

Steve Burke

30th January, 2000