Korda Krusha

I’ve been after one of these for a while so I was pleased to finally get hold of one recently. Supplied in two sizes and manufactured from extremely strong plastic, the Krusha is designed to do just that; crush hard baits into powder.

There are two halves to the Krusha; it works by filling the bottom half (marked fill) with a smallish amount of bait, then placing the top half over the bait. By twisting the two halves in opposite directions, the interlocking teeth grind anything in the middle to a fine powder.

To begin with, I struggled to get it to work efficiently. The reason for this became apparent after fighting with it for a few minutes; it has to be twisted in one direction. If you twist backwards and forwards, it doesn’t work properly because the teeth never meet properly, but if you carry on in one direction the baits are swiftly mangled.

Korda KrushaIt works far better with smaller amounts of bait in, but takes only a couple of seconds to work, so large amounts of baits are processed quickly.

What can it be used for?? Anything really, I’ve used it to grind dog biscuits then put them in a pva bag attached to my hook before casting so that the only real food item is my hook bait sitting in a sea of tiny biscuit bits. It is also ideal for stick mixes, spod mixes, pellets mixes or boilies bashing. The Krusha will do it all!

Finished in olive drab green, it will be easy to lose in long grass, but when you do lose it, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it!!

I have a large one, make sure you get one too!! Available from most good tackle shops or Korda’s own website www.korda.co.uk