KUDOS Freespin Specialist 500 Freespool Reel

For those who want the benefits of a baitrunner style system for specimen angling but don't perhaps have the budget to stretch to a set of Shimano's, this free spool reel from Kudos could be just the ticket. 

It's a cracking little reel that's very stylishly designed; easily holding its own in the looks department against some of the more common (and expensive) brands. It has quite a slim body with a bold switch mechanism on the top rear of the reel to engage the free spool system. The drag tensioner for the free spool system is situated at the rear below the free spool switch, with the front drag system operated by the spool fastener. 

It's a four ball bearing system with a gear ratio of 4.5:1. It has multi-stop silent reverse and switchable silent reverse controlled by a side-to-side switch under the reel body. 

The reel handle can be positioned on either side of the body, and whilst it claims to have a ‘counterbalanced handle' I think it's largely for aesthetic appeal. That said, it's a quality retrieve with very little judder. The reel comes with two spools, each taking a decent capacity • 190 yards @ 0.35mm and both spools have line clips. 

For a budget reel it's well made; everything seems to work properly with the free spool system • no slackness, and a nice tight action when the free spool clicks off. You can pick up the reel for just £24.94 at Tacklebargains.co.uk (includes a free spool of line) which I reckon is great value for money. An excellent ‘entry level' carp/specimen reel. 

To buy online (and support Anglers' Net!) visit: http://www.tacklebargains.co.uk 

Julian Grattidge