Nash Lounge Lizard Bedchair

The Kevin Nash Lounge Lizard Bedchair is the flagship bedchair in their range. With a suggested price tag of £149.99, it's not among the most expensive in the market, though. Still, at that price, you'd still expect good quality, so what does this bedchair offer?

To a non-session angler, a bedchair is a bedchair. The difference in design and price will often amuse them. However, if you regularly fish sessions of a few days or more, you'll know just how important a comfortable bedchair is.

For the purpose of this review, I not only used the Lounge Lizard bedchair on a couple of 3-night sessions, but also let a friend use it on another. The reason for this being that he already owns a Nash Outlaw Bedchair and is quite happy with it. In fact, before the review he could probably be classed as one of those who didn't understand the need to pay more for a bedchair than necessary....

One of the first questions that always gets asked about chairs and bedchairs on the Anglers' Net forums is "what weight will it support?". It seems that many of us like our food almost as much as our fishing! The Lounge Lizard Bedchair is rated up to 27 stones (that's about 170 kilos), so should accommodate the majority of anglers. That said, it isn't particularly heavy to carry. In fact, the in-built carry-strap makes it pretty simple to fold it up and move swim. Nice touch!

If you visit the Nash Tackle site, you'll see that they are particularly proud of their moulded leg-clips and it's true, they do work well, locking the bed in position firmly.

The bed itself is nice and wide, strong and very comfortable to lie on. The inbuilt pillow means that you don't need to strap on a separate cushion (or scrunch up a jumper in order to make a pillow!) and the leg adjustments are simple, effective and perfect for getting the bed set up just right. With the wide 'mud feet', this bed isn't moving anywhere once it's set up! Of course, there's a wipe-clean cover on the foot area, as us carp anglers tend to be a bit messy!

I can't complain about this bed at all. it's comfortable, well put together and, having been designed by somebody who knows what it's like to spend a long time on a bedchair, it's well thought out!

The reaction I got from my friend when he borrowed it was exactly what I was hoping for. "There's nothing wrong with the Outlaw one I've got, but that is so much more comfortable. I could sleep on that instead of my bed at home!"

The fact that it tipped it down for the whole three days that we were fishing meant that the bed got some serious sleeping on by my mate, too. He didn't want to crawl out of his bivvy and the fish weren't feeding, anyway!

All in all, this is a good bedchair for the session angler. Yes, there are cheaper and, if you only do overnighters and money is an issue, I'd say maybe try a different one and spend you money on other tackle. If, however, you do longer sessions, put this on your list of 'pieces of essential kit'!

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Elton Murphy
October, 2005