The Lure Back

Lure fishing, if done sensibly, is actually quite a cheap way of fishing. Think how much bait a match angler gets through each and every trip, or how many boilies a carp angler can get through a season, or even how much 100 lugworms cost these days. Yep, definitely a cheap way of fishing this lure fishing game.

Of course, as a lure angler myself, I'm totally disregarding the fact that lure fishing is just a name that we give to a mad collecting obsession.There are some things that my wife really doesn't need to know

Okay, so lure fishing's cheap, yeah? So why does it hurt so much each and every time we lose a lure to a snag? Why do we risk life and limb in attempts to recover 'old faithful', the bestest lure in the whole wide world?

There's actually one question that often crops up in lure fishing that I can answer - why does it always seem to be your best lures that end up in a far-bank tree? I'll tell you why, because most of us do 95% of our fishing with 5% of our lures. We know they work and that's why we don't want to lose them.

Enter the Lure Back, a creation hailing from Australia, a country where they know the value of a good fish-catching lure.

There's nothing particularly complicated in what it does - it slides down your line and either forces the snagged lure free with a jolt, or gets itself caught in the hooks and allows you to pull the lure free with the cord that it is attached to, as the pictures below show.

lureback01.gif (4726 bytes)

lureback02.gif (5882 bytes)

lureback03.gif (5346 bytes)

One word of caution - when your line is taught and the Lure Back works its magic, beware of flying objects when things break free as you may find a g-force pulling lure whistling past your ear. This doesn't always, but please take precautions to protect yourself and those around you. Even if it is 'Old Faithful', your health is more important!

The price for the Lure Back, including shipping to the UK, is $20US and we're told that reductions are available for orders of six or more, so it may be worth seeing if any fellow anglers want one before parting with any cash.

I won't pretend that it's an essential item for lure fishermen, but having seen two friends fall in rivers before trying to retrieve snagged lures, I would suggest that it might be a good investment for those not that keen on swimming in cold water whilst fully clothed!

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Elton Murphy

January, 2000