The M-Tech Boilie

I had been looking long and hard for a new bait to change onto after using my existing bait for a number of years. A good friend of mine gave me a 'tip off', he told me of a new bait which was being launched that field testers had used very successfully on some very hard waters. Could this be the bait that I have been looking for?

The next day I bought a monthly carp magazine which happened to fall open on the M-Tech advert which stated, "Working in conjunction with Brian Parker on this particular mix, a new enzyme system has been developed to digest the base mix to it's full potential and create free flowing natural amino acids. The finished boilie that needs only 45 seconds for boiling, leaves a lovely soft centred bait with a nicely formed outer skin, which we know is critical to the mechanics of stimulating the fish with this type of bait. Taste profile is at an all time high, with digestability being a very important factor to us. Our very own amino acid recipes are used in conjunction with BP20 Betaine." This was every thing that I wanted in a bait, M-Tech was the bait I had been looking for.

M-Tech BoilieThe next day after one phone call a neatly packaged parcel containing 2kg of 16mm M-Tech boilies arrived on my doorstep All of the boilies were perfectly spherical which is important for accuracy when baiting up at distance. When cut in half you could see the soft center, which is almost a paste, as their advert explained. Just on appearance and the smell of these boilies, which is lovely, I was hooked, but would the Carp be hooked?

The following weekend did not come quick enough and at 5.30pm on the Friday I headed down to my local 'twenties' water. On arrival, the general conversation was the lack of interest the Carp had on feeding, spawning was the only thing on their minds. Even so, I cast out both rods to a hot-spot 10ft square in area and baited one rod with my own boilies and the other rod with an M-Tech boilie and eight bait 'stringer'. Within ten minutes the M-Tech rod was off, a hard fighting upper double graced the net after a good scrap. M-Tech Boilie Early the next morning the M-Tech rod was off again to another double figured Carp, followed by another upper double twenty minutes later.

The three fish that I had on M-Tech were the only three fish of the whole weekend to come out.

The following weekend and on the same water I used M-Tech on both rods, again, performing well with another four Carp to 21lb 4oz.

My confidence in using M-Tech was sky high, so high in fact that I only took a handful of M-Tech boilies with me on a short 3hr stalking session at a local 'upper doubles' water.
Using my stalking rod, Centerpin and 'Lift-rig' I stalked six fish to 18lb 4oz, all on a single M-Tech boilie fished over a handful of micro Trout/Salmon pellets.

After a long week and with a weekend full of commitments ahead I fished a short Friday night session on my local water again, by morning I had notched up three fish to 20lb 12oz all on M-Tech.M-Tech Boilie

The next week I journeyed down to Kingsmead 1 to do another short overnight session. Using four rods, I used my old bait on one rod, popped-up maggots on another, an already established 'ready-made' boilie on my third rod and 16mm M-Tech boilies on my fourth rod. During that night, I had two Mirrors' of 20lb 6oz and 12lb 8oz both of which were caught on my fourth rod baited with M-Tech.

So, after four overnight sessions and a three hour stalking session I had notched up eighteen Carp, three of which were 'twenties' and all on M-Tech.

One thing that surprised me about the M-Tech was that after twelve hours in the water they still smelt as good as it did in the packet. My only concern, if I did have one, is how soft these boilies were when brought in after 12hrs.
In my opinion, they are too soft for a recast, which does not matter as I always put on a fresh bait on for a recast anyway. Although they are soft, I would rather that they were that way than over boilied, which kills much of the nutritional value.

I have had instant success on M-Tech, more so than any other bait that I have ever bought or made.
M-Tech has already made it's mark with specimen Carp anglers, Terry Hearn being one of them, so take it from me M-Tech is the bait to be on.

M-Tech BoilieM-Tech freshly rolled, ready to freeze are available at £9.50 per kg or £89.00 for 10kg.
Pop-ups are £4.95, boilie dips (150ml) are £5.95 and Ball pellets 12mm-20mm are £19.95 for 5kg.
Carriage charges are £7.50 for up to 10kgs and £9.50 for 20kgs and over.

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July 2001