Mango Fishing Lures

If it wasn't for the internet, I'd probably never have heard of Mango Lures. Shopping in UK tackle shops, my eye generally wanders to the Scandinavian lures, not ones from the Far East. I feel terrible for saying this but, like many, I still have memories of cheap and nasty lures from the Far East in the past, the sort that had terrible actions and, in the unlikely event that a fish would strike at them, often actually disintegrated!

Thank goodness, then, for the guys at Mango Lures for not only producing good quality lures, but also for making sure that we got to hear about some of the catches on them via the internet. They now have a comprehensive website at:

The first lure of theirs that I heard about, even before seeing one, was the Black Magic. This is a traditional 'minnow style' lure to look at in shape, although the colour schemes are somewhat different to what you may be used to in the UK, with horizontal reflective stripes. The lure itself is also foam filled, meaning that it is extremely buoyant which, claim Mango, gives an advantage over traditional materials such as balsa, as it gives the diving blade a better chance to vibrate. The outer layer of the lure, like all the mango lures I've seen, is some kind of clear plastic/resin type material.

The eyes in this lure actually move, too, which brings realism to a new dimension! Hooks, as with all the Mango lures I've seen, are good quality silver VMC trebles.

Perhaps my favourites in the range, though, are the spinners, such as the Guppy and Minnow. These have everything I look for in a pike spinner – a nice casting weight, a bright spinning blade and plenty of red and silver on the body and hooks (again, VMC trebles). They also have those rather eerie moving 3D eyes! A great lure.

Mango try hard to offer lures that are different to the norm, but they've taken this one step further with the ultimate service for tackle tarts, as they can actually personalise a number of their lures for you! For more details regarding this service, it's probably best to visit

Mango lures are tough, effective lures and, even though they have to travel half way round the world to get here, they're pretty cheap. At the time of writing, they will ship any order over 50 Euros (£34) free of charge. They also offer a refund if you are not 100% satisfied. Take a look today at to see the entire range.