Matt Hayes Adventure Shaman Spinning Rods

“What do you get for ten pounds?” No, in case you're worried, I'm not thinking of remaking one of the best-known scenes from the film Full Metal Jacket. I was just wondering what difference £10 would make when you compare these Matt Hayes Adventure Shaman Spinning Rods compared to their cheaper stable mates, the Inca range.

The answer was, “Quite a lot!”.

The Inca rods were good rods and exceptionally good value, but these Shaman rods are quite a leap ahead in both performance and looks.

Matt Hayes Adventure Shaman Spinning RodsThere are two rods in the Shaman Spinning Rod range – an 8' and a 9' rod, both of which are two-piece rods. They are lighter, thinner blanks and have casting weights of 10-40g for the 8' version and 15-50g for the 9' rod. The 8' rod has eight lined eyes and the 9' rod has nine and these are suitable for both braid and mono.

Having more eyes than their cheaper Inca relatives, casting is a touch smoother. I'd definitely prefer these ones when using braid, myself.

The rods themselves look beautiful. They are finished in gloss black, with gold touches and a touch of what is either cork...or something that looks very much like cork!

When you pick the rods up, you can't help but notice how light they are. However, they are also not 'floppy' at all. They have a great deal of power in them, but put the person casting in control, which is important if you want accuracy.

Everything fits together nicely and the reel seat does its job well. Thought has gone into the butt section to make these well balanced rods, too. They don't just look good, they do the job they're meant to do.

Matt Hayes Adventure Shaman Spinning Rods

Ideally, a lure rod should be light, responsive and capable of handling powerful, angry fish. The  Matt Hayes Adventure Shaman Spinning Rods certainly tick all those boxes. On top of that, they look good and are well-priced, with RRP's of £43.99 and £49.99 respectively. That said, I've just had a look on Amazon and found them cheaper already!

The  Matt Hayes Adventure Shaman Spinning Rods come with a rod bag and are highly recommended. I see no reason why a rod like this shouldn't give you years of good service, if you look after it. Hats off to Fladen and Matt Hayes.

The Matt Hayes Adventure Shaman Spinning Rods should be available from all good Fladen stockists, or you can CLICK HERE to see the Matt Hayes Adventure range on Amazon.

Elton Murphy, November 2012

Matt Hayes Adventure Shaman Spinning Rods